O Power of Christ–Song 6/40

Dec 6, 2018

O Power of Christ—Song 6/40

By Allie Lapointe & Marcy Each

I’ve always been pretty independent. When I was a teenager, I practiced my 100 free throws a day by myself, I went through a series of dribbling drills, and went on jogs.  By myself.  I didn’t like to get help.  Even when I was struggling with a problem in math, I would rather read through the entire text book again rather than ask my dad for help.  You might call me independent.  Or you might say I’m prideful. 

In songwriting, the best songs are usually written in teams. But there’s still something in me that wants to write a song all by myself.  So I can know that I can do something by myself.  That I don’t need help to write a great song.  You might say I’m still pretty prideful.

The truth is, I’m pretty much useless by myself. I have no power or abilities except what my creator has given me. It’s like a painting bragging about how beautiful it is. It’s crazy to think the actual painting gets the credit. The artist and creator of the painting should get the credit.

The first thing we have to realize is that we can’t do anything without our creator.  We can’t do good, we can’t beat sin, we can’t worship, and we can’t live forever without our Father’s help.

And every day, I rely on the power of Christ to be the person he’s created me to be. 

I’m so thankful I didn’t write this song all by myself.  🙂

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